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Psychiatric Evaluation: Nick Everett

Nick Everett is a talented young man. He just got back from a cross country tour with Ben Caplan, and is in the midst of a maritime tour with one Breagh Potter. He plays an early 60’s Kay electric hollow … Continue reading

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Fort Life 3D

The fort is fucked now on account of the reasonable weather. Heres a video profiling the glory days, the players, and some other things entirely unrelated. Thanks to everyone who helped keep our fort game tight. RIP  

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Psychiatric Evaluation: Corey Isenor

Corey is a wiener who lives above me and talks too much. He’s also a meticulous smart-ass with an overactive imagination, which makes him a prolific and competent artist/musician. We’ve collaborated on such projects as his music video, a snow … Continue reading

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Psychiatric Evaluation: Liam Finney

Liam and I were good childhood friends. Now he lives next door and we are building a snow fort together. He is the second subject of what I hope to be a series of character profiles based on 15 dumb … Continue reading

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3 reasons you didn’t watch the Grammys/ 3 reasons I did.

3) Bruno Mars I just heard about this guy, and I’m not sold on his music yet, but it turns out he’s the shit. He did an “up and comers” trio performance with a monocled B.O.B and Janelle MonĂ¡e. Here … Continue reading

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Psychiatric Evaluation: Moorea Hum

Moorea Hum is Sackville’s #1 tattoo artist. She broke the scene doing her BFA at Mount Allison, and now she calls Sackville home. She consistently impresses us with her excellent crafts, incredible style, and a collection of vintage toys (including … Continue reading

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3 things about the internet: part III

Blogs Try these time wasters on. Anger Burger – Food. Gratis Recoup – Photos.   Regretsy – Crafts. Booooooom – Art. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee – Cats

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