Something Fun

Love and Napalm is an exhibition that opened last night at 89 Main St. in Sackville. The man behind the magic is John Cleveland – local Fine Arts grad/DJ/promoter/entrepreneur/Hip Hop Nerd extraordinaire. The Show features work by the man himself (Jon Cleveland), local artists Corey Isenor, Ainslie Moss, Jerry Ropson,  and Erika Sullivan; Mount Allison grads Jon Shaw, Sean Corscadden and Erin Ramsay; As well as an exciting collection of prints, posters and paintings by French artists 3615, Kashink, Papy Microgram, FMR, Gorellaume Undemi, Sword, and Kuny. Check it.

The show will be up until friday the 15th and will be open from 2pm until 7pm. For more information about the artists, their work, and rumours of a closing party? visit the      Love and Napalm Facebook Page.

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