Blog Dies, Few Mourn

There are people that still check this blog every day. I know this because I am the only administrator, and despite a few dead spots, there has been a decent amount of traffic all summer. All this despite a complete lack of interest/commitment on my part and ZERO updates since may, and even then I was just doing it to stifle pressure from friends. They probably just wanted to see pictures of themselves and read interviews that I did, over the internet, with them!

Fuck off, you guys.

embroidery by Moorea Hum

Here are things that you should know:

  • I miss you guys.
  • I live in Vancouver now.
  • I think about cool things to write about all the time, and then forget them.
  • Once I am comfortable enough in Vancouver to waste time dumping garbage into the internet, I will.
  • I will do the aforementioned garbage dumping soon.

Until then, enjoy these fun facts and photos of yourselves:

Fact 1) At the beginning of the summer, I was so excited about softball season that Corey Isenor and I collaborated on this mural. That was the last time I thought about beer league soft ball.

Fact 2) Liam Finney got a cat, who actually belonged to Breagh Potter. We took the cat to the beach on his first day out of the SPCA so he could tan.

Fact 3) Liam Finney moved to the south shore of Nova Scotia with Joel Carr. I have no idea if that is even true, but if it is, he left with my dad’s baseball glove.

Fact 4) Sometimes a guy’s just gotta turn 25, and have Aly Kelly bake him a monster truck birthday cake, and then drink a bunch of gin and play party games with Massies.

Fact 5) Moorea Hum enjoyed so many beach days this summer, that she eventually lost interest in the beach all together and instead opted to read teen lit, while polishing off a few cold ones.

Fact 6) That’s a deck. Built by Michael Mandale and Liam Finney.

Fact 7) This blog got some hatemail, and I completely lost it. So I tattooed this retort on Luke Patterson.

Fact 8 ) My lady and I drove across the country with a green burrito and a green bike on top of a green forester, so you tell me who the fuckin’ flower sniffer is now, Corey.

 Fact 9) I basically only took pictures in Winnipeg, which is a nutso fucking crazy cuckoo’s mest of a town, but if you know the right people, you can sneak into a rooftop pool, and stay at Alexis’ loft in Chinatown.

Fact 10) It’s still basically summer in Vancouver, so I’m not going to act like it is healthy to coop myself up at my computer, hyperlinking to a bunch of bullshit because I know Liam Finney at least will think it’s funny. I could be out making friends, working on my dreadslongboarding, or participating in any number of other local pastimes, but I am not, because I am never going to quit this shit. New Brunswick 4 Life.

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3 Responses to Blog Dies, Few Mourn

  1. luke says:

    that’s a good update

  2. Cam says:

    I agree, good update!

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