I have a certain kind of relationship with my good pal Cam Malcolm. It’s the kid of relationship where he texts me in the middle of the night asking me if I approve of a band called Haim. Truthfully I would do the same. We are together the stuff of dance party myth, and united we have our finger on the pulse of our generation’s musical sensibility.

Haim, as it turns out, is incredible. I have been familiar with their work for all of 20 minutes and the shit is so hot I can’t believe I dismissed the buzz for so long. I have no idea when I first heard whispers of these fascinating sisters. Frankly, that’s a stupid fucking question and I have no idea why such an inquiry is relevant. Immediate dismissal of popular music is part of existing in a post-Bieber world. I allow myself to be introduced to music as I stumble across it or as it is nudged under my face by a friendly Cam.

According to Wikipedia, I’m really not that late to figure out that Haim are the real deal. They only released their EP in July 2012, and the Days Are Gone LP which I am listening to right now and is the absolute BEST was only dropped at the end of September. How long after 36 Chambers did you learn about the Wu-Tang, bro? That is a joke, and also that is what I thought, bruh.

OK cool it you guys, this is getting a little passive aggressive for a band we both are just learning about. Let’s shift focus. For instance: It’s obvious these sisters have a shitty PR person right now because otherwise they would have a bespectacled goon squad watching their Wikipedia article like well bred falcons. Why is it necessary to immediately denote that these fine minstrels are Jewish, and in the first line? Actually that’s not the worst part. This is: “HAIM’s sound has been described as “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B” and “music that sounds like it was written on a lakeside retreat attended by Stevie Nicks, John Waite and En Vogue”. Fuck.

These grillz are up to some “hot new shit” as Cam so articulately declared. I seriously agree. They kind of hit that pop-nouveau high-five without crossing into blood pact territory. The hooks are undeniable, and everybody gets a piece of cake without getting too throwback-y. If you don’t enjoy a chorus of angels accompanied by tasteful synths and a perfect dose of low end, I can make some recommendations, but this record is not for you. I welcome inclusion of the above paragraph in the Wikipedia article BTW.

I will happily listen to Days Are Gone for the rest of the winter at least, or until these fine ladies do one of many minor things that would surely upset me. Examples of such things include but are not limited to: having any association with a band called “imagine dragons” which i learned about today via the Grammys; or failing to make fun of a band called “imagine dragons” while understandably storming the stage to steal the “record of the year” trophy from whomever might be awarded said prize.

That’s it.

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