Hopeless Wanderer Video

The video for this Mumford and Sons song is perfect. I am not the chief cultural magistrate of all things cool, but for me hearing a song everywhere, all of the time is annoying as fuck and immediately de-legitimizes the song and the artist. Yeah, it’s a harsh policy but frankly it seems like awkward middle aged dudes all high-fived each other and got matching Mumford and Sons haircuts, and that is annoying-as-fuck too. 

H8ters™ like me will high-five later and get matching Haim haircuts soon enough, but for now let me just say that this video is incredible. Self-satire is a really great tool for a band like Mumford, who have EXPLODED in the past 2 years. The neo-agrarian aesthetic touted by todays flavour-makers is a little bit less cool than the actual return to important and useful heritage practices that even 10 years ago might have seemed archaic or obscene, but this video parodies this sensibility perfectly. (Later today for instance, I will tan the hide of my deceased cat with its own brain, but not before pickling this years harvest of chioggia beets over an open fire.) 

The “Hopeless Wanderer” video stars Will Forte, Ed Helms, and Jasons Bateman and Sudeikis, who are all really funny dudes. Whoever did the art direction and costumes nailed it, but also maybe didn’t know it was going to be a joke. 

In closing, you guys, lets just ease up on the snap judgement ok? I’m probably not going to be paying hundreds of dollars to see these british nu-grass posers in a stadium any time soon, but I may very well design and market an ironic “Sons of Mumford Motorcycle Club” back patch to be sold at heritage fairs and community craft symposiums in the near future. 

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